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getmesnacks.com is your online snack delivery service helping busy snackers save time and money by bringing discounted snacks to their offices, events, homes and hotel rooms. Snackers can schedule recurring deliveries of custom and preset snackages to their specified location. Custom snackages allow snackers to select their discounted snacks and delivery schedule for a $1 delivery fee. Preset snackages have set pricing starting at $10.99, include shipping and are prepared based upon a snackers request.


we provide convenient delivery of  your fast-crunching snacks, right when you need it.




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Snackage Types:

Gluten free, Healthy,Regular Mix, Protein, Baby and Liquid. 


We'll prepare a variety of selections for the snackage type you select and deliver based upon your delivery schedule. Your personalized snackage does take time to prepare, so changes can't occur after 5pm the day before your delivery. 


Custom Snackage:

You select specific products based on your snackage type. Custom snackages can be changed until 11:59pm the night before a scheduled delivery.


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snacker perks


All customers: individuals receive 10% discount for each referral. Referrals reach 5+ 25% discount. Referred must complete 60 days of orders.


All customers' discount tiers are based upon the number of people on site receiving deliveries. 


Site coordinators: Receive 10% off if they receive orders for their floor, department or group. 


Site advocates: get 10% off if they speak to prospective customers. They are listed when the site is selected for delivery in case a customer has questions. 



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Delivery Areas:

Courthouses, Offices, Hospitals, Gyms, business parks, homes, hotel rooms, etc.



Stop Smoking Section:

Offering products to help stop smoking. Nicotine patches and gifts like plush pillows (http://www.wish.com/c54b914943160330989fa22ec)