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influence customers

Digital menu boards allow you to effortlessly influence your customers’ food choices at the point-of-sale. Sure, when your patrons first started thinking about visiting your establishment earlier that day, they may have had a general idea of what they wanted to order for themselves and/or their friends and family. Nine times out of ten, they saw your regular menu in either its online or paper format before stepping into the restaurant and up to the counter. But now, as they stand there with a beautiful display of all of your food choices right there in clear view on a wide-screened menu board, their taste buds will awaken way more and order a little extra (such as appetizers or a dessert), items that they didn’t previously think of.



The reason that this in-the-moment phenomenon happens is simple – digital menu boards let you easily custom-tailor everything on the screen. For example, during the summertime patrons tend to order lighter items, such as salads or yogurt. As the seasons change, all you have to do is adjust what they see on the screen as they stand in line or at the counter. Also, any promotions that you are running at the time can be easily adjusted as you need them to be, plus you can add attractive data (like calorie counts) to the display alongside the related food items.

on the fly

One of the things owners love the most about digital menu boards is the ability to make spontaneous changes at any given moment. Being able to instantly switch up promotions is just one outstanding feature. You can also greatly improve communication (even from store to store) all by remote control. This is a Godsend for owners who have multiple locations within a chain of establishments. And, seeing as how a team of experts are always readily available to assist you with your new board, your restaurants unique needs will be specifically met as yours is fluidly integrated with your current system of operations.


Probably the biggest effect to the restaurant’s bottom line is the in-your-face effect that a digital menu board has on customers. For example, Taco Bell many times utilizes the “Curtain Menu” on their boards. This is when the images of their loved items (delicious tacos, salads, and burritos) flip down onto the screen like a real curtain. As customers stand in the line or at the counter, the constant movement on the wide display catches their attention. The food is already awesome, but by presenting it on a falling, digital curtain, the items look even more tempting!

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