At Digital Business Solutions we are often asked what’s the catch? and how do we make money? Well, our Freemium business model is just like many other popular web companies like Skype, Evernote, DropBox and others. You get an amazing software with all the core features for FREE!

If you like what you see, you can simply upgrade to the Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition is only $99 a month. And regardless if you upgrade or not, you always get UNLIMITED screens for FREE, we don’t limit you.

And so how do we make money? Our income is comprised from subscribers who choose to upgrade to the Enterprise edition and pay $99 a month (flat, not per screen). We also sell the popular mediaDROID and mediaBOX player and some of our larger clients opt to purchase a private dedicated mediaSERVER that has its own pricing model. So now you get it? With MediaSignage you get incredible set of tools for free while having the confidence you are partnering with a company that is profitable, secure and most importantly have it all figured out.