You’d be surprised how many people chat about grocery stores on social media. As a new owner and operator of digital signage in grocery stores, you’ll now have more control over the social conversation. Get your shoppers talking about everything from frozen pizzas to canned peas with your own internal hashtags and social tools.

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Shoppers sometime roam aimlessly around the store for a while before picking up the first item and tossing it in the buggy. This is a good thing when you have digital signage throughout the store, especially if you put up the latest health benefits of certain foods in the aisles where those foods are located. For example, HLN may have done a report about how good organic meals are for everyone. Add that story to the digital display’s image rotation, and watch those items fly off the shelf.


With the MediaSignage custom weather apps, you can influence customer purchases based on their future expectations for the week. When customers are reminded of the conditions outside as they shop, they could end up buying more cold drinks if it’s summertime, or stock up on hot soup and comfort food if there’s snow on the ground.

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The grocery store business is about the real estate. So is digital signage, but with the right control tools you can deliver specific messages multiple screen locations across your network with a snap. You’ll be happy with how easy it will be to communicate using the many features of digital signs, but the fact that you are able to control each and every one of your store’s screens (no matter how many locations you have) from literally everywhere.

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You will join the thousands of grocery stores in saving time and money by moving from printed or written signs by adding digital to your supermarket’s marketing arsenal. One of the first things shoppers look for are the foods that are on special. Now, you can easily put those prices and items in clear view with your grocery store’s new signs and update them easily, remotely and automatically.